COVID-19 Supplementary Terms & Conditions

Dated 27th September 2020 for all bookings

These are the key facts relating to COVID special measures supplementing not replacing our Horn Cote terms and conditions. 

Booking Horn Cote assumes you agree, accept, and will adhere to the following. 


  • Bookings in COVID times are currently based on the 6-person rule  / or household group/support bubble which could relate to larger numbers. Regional government rules apply and must be adhered to. We offer the property on the understanding guests will adhere to and follow government guidelines. Horn Cote will not be liable for guests breaching government legislation and should any such breach occur your bond may be forfeited with no refund. You may also be liable for any damages Horn Cote incurs as a result.
  • Only if the government restricts or forbids your staying at Horn Cote due to COVID measures will amendments/refunds/postponements to your bookings  be offered
  • If Holiday properties must close due to government restrictions, then a full refund of monies paid or postponement of your holiday to another date will be offered. Only our ‘booking fee’ of £50.00 is non-refundable in this circumstance.
  • Unapproved termination without our acceptance will be managed via our terms and conditions and a refund will not be possible. You must contact us to request and discuss a termination / refund or re booking for whatever reason.
  • If you or any of your guests must cancel due to symptoms of COVID 19 suspected or proven, including isolation or being contacted by track and trace no refund will be possible for these individuals. Should a guest suffer from COVID symptoms during your stay you must inform us immediately so that suitable cleaning and rest can be given to the property. The booking must also be cancelled immediately without refund or recourse for your own health. Guests must quarantine for 14 days. You are advised to take out holiday insurance to cover your party in this event.
  • Balances must be paid on time if not, bookings will be cancelled, and no refund given other than the return of your security bond if received.
  • When legislations ‘The Rule 6’ is reduced or lifted you are welcome to invite additional guests subject to our consent and price review up to one week prior to your celebration date.
  • All activities and packages will be carried out following government safety guidelines, where an activity cannot be provided due to current legislation or health & safety, we will offer a similar alternative or a full refund for the activity booked. Such action is regarded as a minor change and would not be justification for cancellation or postponement.
  • Any date re booking request must be ‘like for like’ or greater by value and/or guest numbers – If you are requesting accommodation at a calendar rate above your booking (IE New Year) there may be an increase in cost.


Safety for your family 

  • The lead booker should check that all guests attending are feeling well and healthy and no one is showing any symptoms before travelling.  If you or any guests show symptoms while staying at the accommodation, please inform us immediately so we can implement an extreme clean before any new guests arrive. 
  • The lead booker may want to check everyone’s temperature on arrival as a further safety precaution and bring extra hand sanitizers for added safety
  • The lead booker may suggest to all guests they have invited (if any are from different household) to wear masks for the safety of the group if in close proximity at any point.
  • The lead booker should be familiar with Government guidelines and advise your group accordingly. We are here to help and advise you with regards to any aspect of your stay.
  • If have any concerns about your booking call Caroline on 07970 171180 or Martin on 07973 634724
  • These COVID specific clauses only apply to support current government legislation. Once COVID terms are lifted our full Terms and Conditions will re-apply.
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